Friday, June 10, 2011

Two things, and won't you join me?

Okay, here are two things I am playing with today. I love Eric Franklin and what he does with movement and imagery. I have always experienced that our thoughts and perception of our bodies in movement have a huge hold on what our bodies actually do. So today if you can, maybe notice how your experience of your body in your clothes and your feet with shoes on affect how you move. And then if you get a chance move alone naked in your bathroom (or anywhere!) and see what can change.

The other thing, thanks very much to Ms. Sarah Honer, is that these days I am interested in my pelvic floor and not much else. Grab a book or a web page that shows you something about the bones of the pelvic floor. Palpate them, imagine them in your body, and see what happens when you try to move or at least sense the area. Exciting stuff! I mean, what's more delicious than gaining more awareness of the pelvis?

1 comment:

  1. i am going to walk back into downtown carrboro now. naked. thanks for the invite to share with your blog! and thanks for making us think.